Eric  Robinson

Eric Robinson

Sales Representative

Sutton City Realty Inc., Brokerage *

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Eric  Robinson

Eric Robinson

Sales Representative

Sutton City Realty Inc., Brokerage *

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Your personal comments are important to me. If you would like to submit your testimonial, please send me an e-mail with your full name and remarks to include on this page. I appreciate hearing from you.

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My Testimonials

Date        October 18, 2006        

K. & D. H.

Testimonial Message       
Dear Eric,
Awesome is the only word to describe what you have done for my parents. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Wow, we are so lucky to have met you through Gary. So we must say thanks to him as well. Back to Mom and Dad. They are so thrilled, amazed, dazzled, flabergasted etc. etc. with the way you handled both the sale and purchase. Dad was unsure of the strategy you had in place but it turned out better than their or our wildest dreams. Congratulations, you really know your stuff. Mike and Kasey have already asked if you are going to be our agent when we sell. I told them we have about 28 years left to get to that point (like mom & dad). Anyway, I wish I could give you a very big hug from us all. Consider yourself hugged and kissed! Thanks so much, hope to see you soon.
K. & D. H.
Date        October 18, 2006        

D. & I. K.

Testimonial Message       
Hi Eric:
Our sincere thanks for your impressive skills and the outcome of selling our home. It went beyond our wildest dreams. Felt like we won the Lotto!!

Thanks again for everything,
D.&I. K.
Date        November 24, 2005        

Ms. R. B.

Testimonial Message       
I moved to Toronto in 1978. Rented an apartment and quickly saw an ad for a home that might interest me, and called.
By chance, my name was given to Eric, since the Listing Agent was out of town. Told him a little about myself, then about the Ad I had seen. Eric quickly told me that house was not for me and he would be happy to meet with me and show me other houses. I insisted that I see that house. Drove in front of it and turned to Eric and said: “You’re right.” We laughed...
Shortly after telling Eric what I was looking for, Eric had a list of houses for us to visit.
I found the location and the house I wanted.
What I liked most about Eric is that he is NOT pushy and IS very patient. No matter what your budget is, he makes you feel important.
Not only did Eric help me buy the house, but he helped me also on ideas and contractors to hire for some renovations. A few years later I sold the house and nobody else but Eric would do! He got us the price, and the terms we wanted.
I have recommended Eric to friends and I know they were very happy with him.
I didn’t know you Eric when I moved to Toronto but boy am I ever glad my name fell on your desk!
Eric, you are the best!!!

Ms R.B.
Date        November 08, 2005        

Various Client's Feedback

Testimonial Message       
Read Eric’s Client’s Words – On The Benefits of Selling & Buying with Eric
Note : All of these folks will allow Eric to pass on their email to you, upon request, for direct contact.

“I bought my first, second, and third house, through Eric.
The things I most appreciated were his patience and his willingness to stick with me.
Eric doesn’t leave you hanging when the deal is signed.
Eric goes the extra mile.
From Insurance to Mortgages to Complete Renos, Eric is there with advice, contacts, and contractors.
His exceptionally prompt replies to emails and phone messages-is a real bonus, as well.
I have recommended him to Friends, and will continue to do so.”

Ms.C.C. (West-side Downtown)

“It is obvious that Eric takes a lot of pride in his work, and just loves to share his incredible knowledge of all things in Real Estate.
There were no surprises for me, in the Selling/Buying process –Eric had already briefed me –and I can tell you that makes a huge difference.
Through my 2 home sales, and 3 home purchases with Eric – I learned so much about house construction, mortgages, differences in street/location values, even decoration, and renovations.
It is obvious that he takes great joy in educating his clients – and I really benefited from that.”

Ms.S.C. (Leslieville)

“I could tell right away that making my housing, hopes and dreams come true, were extremely important to Eric.
His lifelong experience in this business is a powerful asset to me.
Dealing with Eric is an educational adventure whereby I have ended up with great prices/terms when selling, and a super home when buying – all with very little stress to me.
It always amazes me, just how thorough he is.
Eric sold my home, then I bought a condo, later sold that condo, and now am in that dream home.

Mr.R.D. (East End)

“Eric is the best Real Estate Agent a guy could hope for.
He’s a full service agent.
He worked hard every step of the way, never let me feel rushed or pressured, and was always easy-going, considerate, and accommodating.
I always felt Eric was working for me and me alone. I would recommend him without reservation.”

Mr.S.C. (sold & bought downtown condos)

“Through out my 2 home sales, and 2 home purchases, and 1 investment property sale, using Eric’s services - I was more than happy with his results.
There is no substitution for experience. Eric has a lifetime of it, in his business.
Based upon my original parameters, he came up with suggestions that were time savers for me.
Calls were returned very conscientiously, which is all too rare today.
Eric was always there for me, and when I had the time, he took the time to be available.
Also, when selling, his Home Staging talents were highly effective.
His knowledge of Homes, and Investment Properties continues to be very valuable to me.

Mr.R.M. (Rosedale)

“Eric is a fantastic Agent.
I’ve used his services a number of times for both my home, and condo investments.
His attention to detail is second to none!
Looking at homes with him is both fun, and like taking Renovation/Construction 101 at the same time.
I have been in Sales all my life and can tell that knowing the product, is so important to Eric.
Eric genuinely cares so much about his clients – you will notice that difference.

Mr.S.M. (East End)

I was a real first time buyer when I was referred to Eric from another grateful client of his.
I mean I knew nothing of the Home Buying process.
So the Education with Eric began.
In no time, I had an amazing home, and at the right price.
When you have Eric on your side – all you need to do is Be Excited!
And he will handle the rest.

Mr.M.G. (East End)

Over the years I’ve used Eric Robinson to buy three east-end homes, as well as on the selling side. We’ve had fine results, and I’ve sent friends and family to him.
First thing, Eric is smart about Toronto real estate, and about people.
He’s able, in a friendly and patient way, to find the right match for a client and their pocketbook in the changeable housing market.
On house tours, he has a rare gift for sizing up the concealed potential (and downsides) of a property. And he’s very good at explaining real-estate financing.
What is special, though, is the extra distance he’ll travel for a client. If removing a wall or shifting a staircase will turn a house into something special, Eric has the professional eye to spot that. Then he’ll find the right tradesman for you, if you need that, and stay involved to see the job gets done properly, and at a fair price.
That’s AFTER the closing, when other real estate agents have moved on.
That kind of service is a treasure to find.

Mr.K.L. (Riverdale)

I would like to commend you on the outstanding job that you did to find me a home and get me relocated and moved in.
Our family has had the benefit of your experience, knowledge, skill and expertise in Toronto Real Estate on numerous occasions over the past 24 years. You helped Eve and I buy our first Toronto home in 1981. When we decided to sell in 1987, you handled all aspects of the sale while we remained in Chicago. You were there again in 2001 when our family faced the daunting task of relocating from Hong Kong back to Toronto.
You arranged your schedule so that you could meet with Eve for the short period she would be visiting Toronto in order to find a home. You assessed our needs and desires and showed her only suitable properties. You were very knowledgeable about the demographics of the area, investment suitability, convenience of location and property values. You did such a good job that Eve and I purchased our most recent home before I ever laid eyes on it. You kept us informed through the whole process and we never had any questions that went unanswered.
I'd also like to thank you for the indispensable role you played in helping us line up contractors/skilled trades. Without you I don't know what we would have done.
In our books you are TOPNOTCH and we would recommend you to anyone Selling/Buying real estate in Toronto.

E. & B. A. – (Avenue Road & Lawrence area)

After guiding me through five residential purchases, five sales and one commercial purchase, I wouldn't use any other realtor. It's not just because of Eric's professionalism and attention to detail. The work Eric has done on my behalf was never limited to the purchase or sale at hand; he has truly guided me through the processes before, during and after the transaction. He cares.

Mr. S.D. (east end)

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  Eric’s slogan “Selling Toronto  Since 77" represents his enormous experience as a Full-time Toronto Resale Agent

                         But that is not the whole story….please read
                                 "The Making of Your Agent"

 Before 1977:

 By age 5, Eric says he took a look across the St.John River from their Apple Farm, outside of Woodstock N.B., and said “We Gotta Get To Ontario”.
So his family of four, and Sally the dog, packed up the truck, and car, (the cattle traveled by train) and headed to a new farm just outside of Lindsay, Ontario. 


By age 16, Eric’s father (Frank) said to him “You and I should buy a lot, build a house and sell it.  It is time you learned about property.”
So soon, on a lot overlooking Sturgeon Lake, Eric was learning his first basement installation, the house went up, and was soon sold, (thru a Realtor).


By age 18, while Eric attended Ryerson Business School in Toronto, Eric’s father said to him “You and I should buy this waterfront farm on Sturgeon Lake and develop a subdivision.”    So  “Lakeside Village”, a 34 Home, Estate Subdivision was soon under way.
Now that was a real education.  It took years of:  government approval, investor, banking, engineering, builder & Realtor, meetings. 
However, Eric was one of the few students able to do school assignments on his own project .

By age 23,  Eric had completed a new, one of a kind, 2 year, full time Seneca College Diploma Course in Toronto– and it seemed like it was created just for him. 
It was called “Real Property and Appraisal” and incorporated the in-depth Appraisal 1 & 2, Real Estate Law, Property Management, Construction Management, Construction Estimating, Developing, Accounting, Marketing and Promotion, Government Property Regulations/The Planning Act.
And finally, the highly regarded “
Lakeside Village” was built, and sold out, (with the help of talented Realtors ).

This was all before the Real Estate Licensing and subsequent Broker Courses /Exams, and dozens of Real Estate Continuing Education Courses.

That year, 1977, Eric became a Full Time 
Toronto Resale Agent - confident that he was ready to help people with their most important Buying & Selling decisions.


Since 1977:

Eric, as a licensed Real Estate Broker, has become a tremendous resource to his clients.
He continuously updates his Property Education, studies all Real Estate news that is available, and maintains an extensive filing system of important articles on every facet of Real Estate.
He has designed and renovated many 
Toronto homes, and tours 100's of homes, every year. 
His lifelong study of the resale market, real estate investments, housing statistics, interest rates, new construction condo/loft projects, real estate law, renovation/design, condominium corporations – will hugely benefit your property decision making.

Eric believes that when you are hiring an Agent, you deserve:

 1.)       An Agent – who is this involved, interested, and experienced in Property.


2.)       An Agent – whom you can quickly tell, is trustworthy, with a genuine down-to-earth, caring & friendly manner (must be that farm upbringing J).


3.)       An Agent – who promptly returns your calls/emails, 7 days a week.


4.)     An Agent – who takes the time, and has the determination and knowledge to “move mountains” to make you Happy & Successful in Toronto Homes, Condos, Lofts and Investments.

                  You Will Notice The Difference 


 Although the core of Eric’s business is in the Old City of Toronto, specifically the Toronto Board’s areas of:

E01,E02,E03,E06                          C01,C02,C04,C08,C09,C10,C11,
he is experienced in many parts of the GTA, since his business has always been Customer based, as opposed to focusing on only one small pocket of 

Eric lives in Riverdale with his girlfriend.     (no children)
He unwinds with nightly work outs at the Training Room.

Since 1994, Fridays from 10:30am – 1:00pm, finds Eric visiting his many Senior Pals, while volunteering with 
East York Meals on Wheels.  (a tremendous experience – he recommends it highly).

In his fairly limited spare time, Eric’s interests are: Home Design and decorating;  digital photography;  cooking;  growing orchids;  fitness;  hiking;  natural holistic medicine; and enjoying great food, good red wine and music, with super friends he has known forever.